BNI – It’s the little things

It might be a single comment, an unsolicited compliment or a great business referral, it might lead to new business or not raise a single penny in revenue but every now and again we all receive little boosts that make what we do seem worth it.

Many BNI members are businesses owners, are self-employed or work as part of a small team, the job can be difficult at times, occasionally even thankless, so, when those moments happen we want to celebrate them, it’s those times that ‘make it all worthwhile’.

One such incident happened last week when Teri Fleetwood, owner of Language Learners received a call from a client.

Teri works with people of all ages, helping them to be more confident with language perhaps before a holiday in France or a business engagement in Germany. Regular clients include large companies with sites across Europe, Teri helps executives learn language appropriate to their jobs, allowing easier communication between offices.

Teri encourages her ‘students’ to consume media in their chosen language, newspapers, magazines, even technical brochures all help with their learning and the client in question had been watching a YouTube video designed to help with writing business letters in German.

The client noticed a few discrepancies between the content of the video and the grammar he had been taught by Teri. Upon noticing the inconsistency he immediately contacted the broadcaster for clarification.

The man delivering the YouTube lesson responded immediately, graciously conceding that Teri was correct and stating that he would change the content as soon as he could, thanking the client for drawing the matter to his attention and complimenting Teri on her correct use of language.

We’d call that Teri 1, YouTube ‘expert’ 0

It was a little thing but it didn’t half make Teri feel great!