Dependable, plausible, trustworthy, intelligent and very easy to refer…just some of the very many comments received from fellow members for this weeks 10 minute presenter, Chris Burton-Brown.

Chris is a specialist Finance Director, offering his wealth of experience to companies and business owners and providing all the financial guidance gathered in over 25 years as a Chartered Accountant or as one client so eloquently puts it…Chris is a master of his brief, offering practical and sensible counsel throughout’.

The nature of Chris’s business is, like any professional service entirely discrete. So when it comes to a ten minute presentation he has to use fairly broad strokes to get his message across and he certainly could not betray any professional confidences with the use of examples.

So, what exactly does Chris do?

In order to demonstrate the extraordinary breadth of his service Chris rather brilliantly used a delivery style that could be described as ‘portmanteau’, using examples from a number of clients rather than a single case.

Chris explained the process, beginning with the identification of the ‘pain-point’, this could be anything such as cash-flow, effective negotiation for a large contract, lease negotiations, staffing and recruitment issues or basic bookkeeping challenges and billing schedules.

Once identified, Chris brings his years of experience and weight of knowledge to bear on the situation to offer clear, practical advice on the very best ways to proceed. Chris will even attend meetings with clients, adding gravitas and of course, his expertise to proceedings in his capacity as Finance Director.

As always, the presentation ended with questions from the members and first with their hand up was Russ McKenzie, Managing Director of nTrust Systems of Redhill.

Russ asked Chris about the ‘typical Mylor client’

Unsurprisingly, Chris responded by saying that there was no typical client. He works with companies of all shapes and sizes, although often representing those that might lack the resource for a full-time FD or just require the support of a specialist in a specific area.

Jack Newman, owner of Boo Design then asked Chris where he feels he adds the most value to his clients?

Chris succinctly replied with ‘by helping companies to realise their full potential, often business growth is restricted by a lack of specialist knowledge, entrepreneurs in particular might be brilliant at what they do, but perhaps they are not financial experts which is entirely understandable. By helping clients see what is possible, I can facilitate the sensible, sustainable growth of the business.

…And finally, what is Chris most proud achievement in business asked Chris Towndrow of London Corporate Media?

So many things replied Chris, but watching a company grow from a rented lock-up to a multi-national business and substantial employer has been a particular pleasure.