So spring is here and the summer is almost upon us, and that means we have lots of business to pass to a landscape gardener.  The Guildford BNI group has members from far and wide, from Haslemere to Redhill, Sussex to Godalming so thats ALOT of gardens that need some tender loving care.

We’re keen to invite some landscape gardeners over to the meeting to get a feel for us and vice versa, and if you want to submit a membership application form, we’ll pass it over to the committee to consider and hopefully approve really quickly, because theres no time to lose……the grass is growing and the flowers are blooming!

We meet every Thursday at 6:30am at the Mandolay Hotel and (at time of writing) at this mornings meeting, over £55,000 worth of confirmed business was passed in the room.  Yes that’s right, over £55K of confirmed business in a single meeting.  Why not come down and get a piece of that pie!