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Digital Marketing

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My name is Carina Gerrelli from Bibble Studio and I help businesses get more customers from social media.

I do this in two ways, the first is by keeping the content fresh and engaging across all the profiles and the second is creating an automated lead generation system that harnesses the power of paid advertising.

I help my clients create an ideal customer profile that I can take and segment a group of people that fit the customer profile and only target them on social media.
Next, we create a piece of content that appeals to that audience which they have to apply for using their contact details.
Once we have their contact details we can automatically push them into a mailing system (similar to Mailchimp) that gives them the content and tells them what the next steps are in terms of working with them, naturally, a small percentage will be ready to work with them right now whereas the others still need some prompting until they feel as if they know you. In order for this to effectively happen, I create automatic follow-ups which guide them through a process that builds up value and credibility and encourages them to take the next steps to work with you.

My typical customers tend to be small businesses that don’t have a real marketing system in place, they tend to get an inconsistent flow of enquiries, usually have quieter periods that they want to fill or on the other side of the spectrum they are ready to scale their business and need a system that can offer a predictable flow of enquiries throughout the year to support their growth plan.