Hamish Robertson

Business Coach

Tel: 07868 195892

Web: www.actioncoach.com/hamishrobertson

e-mail: hamishrobertson@actioncoach.com

My Typical 60 Seconds:

Hi I’m Hamish and I’m a Business Coach with ActionCOACH the world’s ≠1 business coaching company. I’m committed to making sure you get the most from your business. People often ask me how can coaching help them. The best way to answer them is to quote how my clients have undergone a profound improvement in their own situation.

“We find ourselves in a position I was beginning to think impossible, we have money.”

“We were a bit sceptical but our eyes have been opened to so many things in such a short time.”

Do you believe you can achieve so much more and can create so much more success for yourself and your family?

If you think that is the case and want to have a better lifestyle then call me today and discover how business coaching can help you.

Are you ready to be challenged? To think differently? To be open to new ideas?

Then, call me today on 07868 195892 or email me so we can have a free, confidential conversation.