Ian Blyth


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My Typical 60 Seconds:

  • My Typical 60 Seconds – How can you run a business without using a mobile ‘phone? I probably get asked this on a weekly basis and the answer is simple…

It makes me unique.

Of course, owning a mobile ‘phone has its benefits, but not nearly as many for me as being the only ‘marketing guy’ that doesn’t own one.

My capacity is limited so I can only work with a certain number of clients and I am incredibly lucky that I can choose the type of people that I work with. My clients understand that instead of fielding 10 calls a day about advertising rates, PPP or spurious accident claims I am actually working on their behalf to make their businesses more profitable.

If you are the sort of person that finds my lack of a mobile ‘phone infuriating or unprofessional then congratulations, you are probably in the majority. If however, you get it, then please drop me an email, I bet we’ll get on…and I only do business with people that I like.