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Matt Pereira, Matt Pereira Photography

Business is about giving the right impression.

Imagine a world, if you would, where you look positively awful, every day of your working life. Bags under your eyes, and double chins on show,

Imagine a world where people take one look at you and say, “erm … not sure I want to business with you. If you don’t present yourself very well, why would your business practices be any better?”

Is that your world ? Or, more specifically, is that your Social Media world and the version of you which you currently portray every day of your life to potential new clients?

Have you used a horrendous iPhone picture, taken on holiday, and cropped out the bottle of beer ?

Any sensible business owner would not present themselves in that way when meeting a client for the first time, so why would anybody present themselves that way on their website, LinkedIn or Facebook?

How much business might you be losing right now because of that one simple short-cut?

Give me an hour of your time, and I’ll coax out that gorgeous you – that confident you, who deserves the new business, because you choose make the effort.