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My Typical 60 Seconds:

Did you know that factors intrinsic to the job accounts for the highest reason for mental illness in the work place – this might be lack of managerial support, organisational changes at work, violence and role uncertainty   (40% of cases)

Whilst stress is present for people from time to time, it is not to be considered normal.   

I am a specialist nerve reflexologist, and have 25 years experience in the holistic health industry.    Reflexology seeks to rebalance the body’s autonomic central nervous system through gentle acupressure of the feet or the hands. 

I work with company’s of 1 – 200 employees  who are committed to retaining talented staff by rewarding them holistically.    Content staff is a tangible KPI to measure against productivity .  

I also work 1:2:1 with people who are looking to improve their health lifestyle be it improved sleep, or ongoing issues which have not been resolved through conventional methods.

Reflexology Farnham – Natural Health Solutions for the Business of You.