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Paul Way, Utility Warehouse.

Every year, every business goes through the same old thing. Your energy provider writes to you and gives almost impossible criteria for you to avoid being rolled over into a new 12 month contract. Sometimes a two week window, three months in advance, to tell them you want to change.

And of course, they say you don’t have to do anything. So you don’t – with expensive consequences.

What they don’t tell you is that IF you did give notice, even your current supplier might offer you better rates. It’s just hassle, isn’t it?

What we do is manage that process, giving notice where necessary, and providing much better rates to save business money. Savings of 25% are not unusual. So to make sure you save money – I recommend you check your contracts and work out a strategy. Or if you want someone else to do that, call me.

Specifically you can help me by giving me a referral slip for your business if you would like a free review. In particular I am looking for contacts with business premises – an office, shop or workshop.

So that’s Paul Way, Utility Warehouse. Want to Save Money? (pause – they know what to say) Join the Club!