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My name is Suzanne and I run a South African agency of independent consultants marketing the products on the Body Corporate Funding Solutions Platform.  BCFS provide private individuals the opportunity of earning institutionalised returns in a secure and predictable environment, overcoming the drawbacks of traditional investments.

Clients enjoy returns that are linked to the prime rate, so are not affected by the fluctuations of the stock market, which creates a predictable outcome and negates market uncertainty.  100% of our clients funds earn interest as there are no commissions or administrations costs that come off our clients capital. This is a low risk lending environment protected by legislation,  in terms of the Sectional Titles Act of South Africa.

Our clients are able to take advantage of four different products, which all provide double digit returns and suitable for the various life stages:

The Powered Wealth product is a minimum of R1000 per month, 60x contributions and offers an interest return of Prime plus 5% per annum, compounded monthly. This is a great product for youngsters starting out in business, young parents or those wishing to put together a deposit for a new home.

The Fortified Capital Plus product, for those wishing to maximise their returns, is a minimum of R50 000 once off lump sum, earns Prime + 5.0% p.a. with interest accruing daily, compounding monthly.

Ideal for pensioners, or those wishing to earn a predicaable, ongoing income, the Income Energizer, is a minimum of R100 000, earns Prime + 3.0% p.a. with the interest paid out to the client on a monthly basis.

The Insured Capital product offers an interest return of prime plus 3% per annum, compounded monthly. A minimum of R250 000 is deployed as a lump sum amount and has a 5 year capital guarantee underwritten by Hollard.

Reaching your wealth goals is a hazardous, often unpredictable journey. It’s either high risk, too expensive or the outcome is far from what you had planned. The products provided on the BCFS platform, certainly bring a breath of fresh air to all our clients’ financial portfolios.

I would like to be introduced to your South African friends living in the UK who still have financial interests and commitments in South Africa, who would like to maximise their returns on their monies.