Guildford BNI Members

What is BNI?

Good question, BNI is comfortably the largest business networking organisation in the world, members meet on a weekly basis to exchange business referrals and make introductions.

As a member of BNI you will have access not only to the people that you meet every week and the 100,000+ UK based companies but also to over 1 million members worldwide. Of course, most business is completed within the local groups but it is good to know that the additional support is there if you want it.

As well as the business leads and referrals, a thriving group like Guildford Business offers a chance to mix with successful business people, share their experiences and tap into a hugely experienced resource.

But most of all BNI offers a structured environment where you can ask fellow members for introductions to people or companies that you want to do business with…the group becomes an extension of your sales team.

The best thing to do is pop along to a meeting, the welcome is always warm and the breakfast excellent. It might not be right for you or your business but there is only one way to find out.

Guildford Business BNI meets every Thursday, the meeting starts at 6.30am and we aim to finish by 8.30am, more details can be found here

Thanks for your interest in BNI, we hope to see you soon.