Guildford BNI Members

BNI – some frequently asked questions and comments

We understand that BNI is not for everyone and over the years we have fielded lots of questions and heard many comments about the organisation, here are a few of the most frequent

Isn’t it all a ‘bit American’?

Well, the original idea came from America but we promise that we do not sing the National Anthem, throw bread rolls or shout whoop. The structure of BNI is the same the world over and as a group we abide by this format because it works, if it didn’t work we would not get up so early every Thursday.

I’m not very good at presentations

Here’s a little secret, neither are most of our members. All that we ask is that you tell us, in 60 seconds or so what you do and the type of business you are after…we do not expect a full production number (that would be a bit too American).

There are too many rules

There are indeed rules, there is also an entry process and we take up references before any membership application is approved. These simple rules maintain the integrity of the group and are what sets BNI apart from other networking organisations.

It’s very expensive

There is an investment required, a joining fee, a cost for breakfast and an annual subscription. It is not cheap, we flourish as a group because of the commitments that we make both financially and with our time. We ask any prospective member to consider these responsibilities carefully before joining.

It’s the same thing every week

It is true that we have many long standing members and that their business does not change from week to week. However, no two meetings are ever the same because there are always visitors, guests and substitutes to consider…as well as our own sanity, imagine listening to the same thing every week!

It’s not for me

That’s fine, networking really is not for everyone. We make it as simple, effective and friendly as we can but we accept that meeting every week, developing strong relationships and picking up new business might not be your cup of tea.

What if I can’t make it every week?

There is a great system in place to help with this, you can send along a ‘sub’ to cover your holidays and those unforeseen events that happen to all of us. We do ask that you attend regularly and there is a regular review process to make sure that you are getting as much out of BNI as you possibly can.